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VAT Invoice Management System Approved for Use

  On May 24, 2019, the VAT invoice management system project co-developed by CPPEI and Aisino Corporation passed the inspection and approval process for going online at the CNPC Mansion.

  Aiming to solve multiple invoicing needs, large invoicing quantities, and the complex business processes of petroleum and petrochemical industries, the system adopts a targeted and integrated solution covering all business-operation scenarios while providing a weekly and daily invoicing service. It also offers fully-integrated and fully-automatic invoices. To date, the VAT invoice management system of CNPC has been online in nearly 20 thousand gas stations around the nation. The number of accumulated invoices is around 0.16 billion with the total value of accumulated invoices standing at about 60 billion RMB.

  It is predicted that the full implementation of electronic invoices will save nearly 0.12 billion RMB for CNPC every year. Furthermore, the system also provides other functions like big data analysis and early warning of abnormal invoices. It assists in tax review processes and reduces the risk of issuing illegal enterprise invoices.